Our values

Our ambition

All our effort is aimed at offering you full security and peace of mind. We protect the things that really matter to us all. Our families, and our property. Buildings such as houses, schools, hospitals, offices, and factories to name but a few. FOAMGLAS® insulation offers a durable solution with proven consistent performance over long periods of time.

We are continually investing in research and development, always keeping our customers’ wishes and needs at the forefront of our innovation.

Intensive product testing and third-party quality certification ensures we have sustainable, solutions that provide both long-term and high quality thermal insulation protection.

Our company values

How we do business is laid down within our principle company values. These guidelines are used for all our activities, each and every day.

Owens Corning does business with an open view to the entire world. We are Global in Scope, Human in Scale. Our customers come first. Meeting your expectations is essential for our success. We always deliver what we promise. Moreover, we constantly raise the bar and respond quickly to changing circumstances.

We do business with respect for people, environment and community. We attach great importance to safety, just as we always treat each other with care.

We offer all our employees ample opportunities to develop their talents. We can rely on motivated employees and a highly skilled technical and sales team.

Our employees strive for open communication and transparency, leading to a better service for our all our customers.