Our values

Our ambition

Our people and products make the world a better place. All our effort is aimed at offering you security and peace of mind.  We help protect the places people work and live, and the processes that humanity relies on the sustain our way of life. FOAMGLAS® insulation offers a durable solution with proven and consistent performance over time. 

To help ensure that we can achieve this ambition going forward, we continue to invest heavily in understanding and delivering solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

Intensive testing of our products and quality certification by third parties ensure sustainable, innovative solutions that provide long-term and optimal thermal protection.

Our values

Owens Corning is global in scope, human in scale. This is how we ensure that our customers come first.

Meeting your expectations is essential for our success. We do business with respect for people, the environment and our communities. We attach great importance to safety.  

We offer all our employees ample opportunities to develop their talents. We strive for open communication and transparency, and that leads to better service for our customers.