Water Treatment Plant

Czech Republic

A compact FOAMGLAS® structure was created for the corrugated roofs of the water treatment plant in Pilsen, offering long-lasting protection for the waterworks. Thanks to FOAMGLAS® insulation, there is no risk of moisture condensation, meaning the roof will remain completely dry in all conditions throughout its lifetime.

Compact roofs on corrugated sheet metal

The original waterworks built in the 19th century at the confluence of the Radbuza and Úslava rivers had an output of 116 l/s. Its capacity gradually increased to 450 l/s in 1925, 500 l/s in 1960 and to the current 1000 l/s in the 1990s. After 2010, the buildings were reconstructed without interrupting operation.

In 2014, the roof cladding was completely replaced, test operation started in 2015 and since March 2016 the Pilsen waterworks has operated at full capacity. A compact FOAMGLAS® structure was designed and implemented for the new corrugated sheet metal roofs, which has proven to be a completely reliable long-lasting solution for the  roofs  of the waterworks   with  “two-way  water vapour diffusion”.

Moisture condensation does not occur in FOAMGLAS® insulation, and the roof remains dry in all conditions throughout its lifetime. Therefore, it maintains constant insulation properties over time and the supporting structure is not at risk of corrosion.

FOAMGLAS® solution

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