Emporia Shopping mall

The Edge

The Emporia shopping centre offers a total retail area of approximately 93,000 square metres, divided over three shopping levels plus an open roof area with a park. The total floor area including offices, flats and parking space is a full 217,000 square metres.

Wingårdh Arkitektkontor
Compact roof

Unique to Emporia is the giant park on the roof. With its 27,000 square metres, visitors can stroll here, drink coffee and listen to live music. Of course, building a park in this way places high demands on the construction technology. It is something quite different from building an ordinary roof.

FOAMGLAS ® an obvious choice

Sustainability is, of course, an important aspect, but far from the only one. In addition to withstanding unusually high stresses, the roof should also be sustainable as much as possible, and even there FOAMGLAS® meets the requirements as the insulation consists of only glass. And since it is just about roofs, the tightness is also crucial. It was precisely this property that made the choice fall on FOAMGLAS®.

The blocks are laid in hot bitumen and pressed so that the bitumen penetrates into the joints and clogs. This is done in shifts in two layers, after which a membrane is laid over everything. It is completely foolproof.

The Emporia roof is very extensive. A total of 6,250 cubic meters of FOAMGLAS® has been used. Of these cubic meters, 5,730 are flat elements and tapered elements, and the rest are boards for the fan rooms.

FOAMGLAS® solution

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