Sydhavn School

Active roof on the Sydhavn School in Denmark

Sydhavnen school in Copenhagen invites students to live an active lifestyle, motivating them to learn. FOAMGLAS® was used to insulate both the compact roof with wooden patio and the compact green roof on concrete of this modern school. A durable, sustainable solution that is now ready for the next generation of students.

JJW Arkitekter
GVL Entreprise A/S
Trafficable Compact Roof (terrace), 4-3-3 Compact Green Roof, 4-4-1

The building’s relation to the schoolyard in the form of large patios and the close outdoor-indoor relation to the schoolyard allows for a high degree of pedagogical integration of the outdoor spaces. The building’s shape and outdoor spaces invite children to be physically active, who are then motivated to learn.

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