Gucci Foundation Museum

Gucci FOundation museum in Florance

To protect the iconic pieces in the Gucci Foundation Museum located in the historic Piazza della Signoria in Florence, FOAMGLAS® boards were installed on the roof. The cellular glass guarantees excellent performance all year around. It is non-toxic and non-combustible, a durable solution that guarantees the safety of the building.

Giorgio Benucci
Building type
Insulation under (embrice) roofing tiles

Located in Florence’s Piazza della Signoria in the historic Palazzo della Mercanzia, this 670 years old. Building underwent a major restoration in 1905. Alongside the local art and fashion establishments, the building’s major transformation now shows off its historic architecture, and style The Gucci museum illustrates the history of the Florentine fashion house, with a permanent exhibition of iconic bags, clothes and accessories synonymous with the brand.

FOAMGLAS® Ready boards insulation  enabled quick the application of a torch-on roof waterproofing membrane Followed by the fitting of a traditional terracotta tile roof. The FOAMGLAS® roof insulation core meets Euroclass A1 standards and so augments the building’s passive safety requirement of being non-combustible. With its fire safety and proven long term reliability, FOAMGLAS® insulation ensures this historic building is well protected for many years to come.

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