Are your inverted roofs fire safe?

FOAMGLAS® INVATHERM™ is a non-combustible thermal insulation suitable for all types of inverted flat roofs.
It offers a Euroclass A1 rating (tested to EN 13501-1) and is a highly durable product with an excellent compressive strength.

100-200 mm
600x450 mm
100 kg/m³
Compressive strength
≥ 400 kPa

The non-toxic cellular glass insulation is manufactured using a minimum of 60% recycled glass. The closed cell material is safe and highly durable. FOAMGLAS® INVATHERM™ can be used on all types of inverted roof construction, from those where only maintenance access is required, to balconies or terraces where high levels of pedestrian traffic are anticipated.


Inverted roof systems:
- Terraces
- Balconies
- Flat roofing

Wondering how it works ?

In this one minute video you can see how an inverted roof is build up with FOAMGLAS® INVATHERM™.
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Are your inverted roofs fire safe?

Because it serves as an outdoor living space, an inverted roof designed for terraces and balconies needs to be durable, load-bearing and safe; Fire safety is definitely a top priority.
A non-combustible insulation material in an inverted roof system gives you more safety.

Bauder | Buzon* | Domus | FOAMGLAS® collaborate on an external support system for outdoor use on balconies, terraces, roofs as well as in residential gardens, large public spaces and other open environments.

This full package fire proof terrace solution is a quite unique combination of a non-combustible pedestal system with a non-combustible insulation!

* Domus / Buzon system can be used on all FOAMGLAS roofs… is particularly applicable to activity roof  & green roof