Non-combustible insulation for inverted roofs with paving on pedestals

How to improve the fire safety of an inverted roof where a variety of paving finishes is specified?

FOAMGLAS® INVATHERM™ is a non-combustible thermal insulation product designed to protect the waterproofing on inverted roofs. Used as part of established inverted roof systems, it offers a Euroclass A1 rating and a high compressive strength. Combined with the watertightness and exceptional durability of cellular glass, it is the perfect choice for an inverted roof intended for maintenance access.

System benefits

  • Fire safety: Euroclass A1 rated, non-combustible, non-toxic insulation solution for inverted roof systems.
  • High compressive strength: Our cellular glass insulation material has a high compressive strength and is capable of bearing pedestrian traffic loads from a balcony or terrace without degradation or deformation. 
  • Versatile: Suitable for use on all types of inverted roof construction, from maintenance access roofs with a gravel finish or paving on pedestals, to balconies and terraces with multiple finishes on pedestals.
  • Sustainable: Our insulation material is moisture resistant, protecting buildings and occupants. Manufactured from cellular glass, it contains a minimum of 60% recycled glass, is truly sustainable and can often be reused at the end of the building’s life. 
  • Quality: Owens Corning FOAMGLAS® has decades of experience manufacturing cellular glass. Our robust, durable and high-quality core material delivers its performance for the life of the building and beyond, with minimal maintenance costs.