If thermal bridges are the problem, FOAMGLAS® PERINSUL is the solution! The long-term insulation minimises thermal bridges at a base level, as well as under doors and windowsills. Extra benefits: it can bear very heavy loads, retains its shape, does not age or absorb water.

System benefits

  • Quality: System with high quality materials. Quality management by systematic site inspections and professional consulting.
  • Cost efficiency: The high durability preserves maximum value and guarantees minimal maintenance costs.
  • Sustainability: Optimum insulation and protection against moisture for generations.
  • Safety: Substrate with high compressive strength and free of deformation, preventing flaws and flooring damages. Cellular glass contains no toxic substances and, in case of fire, does not develop fumes or toxic gases.
  • Functionality: Insulation as well as vapour, radon and capillary barrier in one single functional layer.

Perinsul HL

Dedicated website

To find out more about how PERINSUL HL eliminates thermal bridging at previously hard-to-insulate junction details, visit our dedicated product site. Here you’ll find out more about our product, along with its specific applications and incredible benefits.

We’ve also compiled a detailed and extensive advice centre containing case studies which have utilised the PERINSUL HL solution, along with blogs and helpful “how to” guides to ensure correct installation of the PERINSUL HL solution within your next project.

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