Victorian Residences

United Kingdom

The aesthetically pleasing Victorian Residences built in the 1870’s by Matthew Allen are still going strong today. FOAMGLAS® TAPERED insulation replaces the original concrete screeds, allowing the roofs to shed water. Excellent thermal performance and long-term reliability ensure that Mr. Allen’s properties will last for a long time.

P5 Architects
Kingsbury Construction
Tapered roof

Leading up to the 1870’s London had an extreme housing shortage. Local builder Matthew Allen was granted permission for a new housing scheme in Manor and Bethune Roads, Stoke Newington. Allen’s, approach was a completely new; he successfully introduced the concept of a single architecturally pleasing building; divided into a series of apartments; each with its own private entrance.

In 1875 Building News magazine praised Allen’s buildings for their vista, economy, internal arrangements, ventilation, physical and acoustic privacy. The RIBA said "Mr Allen has successfully solved the difficult problem of providing affordable private housing with a pleasing exterior".

P5 Architects and Kingsbury Construction have now almost completed the full refurbishment and interior modernization of these buildings. Waterproofed with asphalt, the flat roofs and balconies are visually the same.

To reduce weight upon the 140 year old structure bespoke manufactured TAPERED FOAMGLAS® insulation replaces the original concrete screeds; ensuring the roofs shed water and are fully walkable for easy maintenance. With excellent thermal performance and proven long term reliability, FOAMGLAS® insulation ensures Mr Allen’s properties will remain comfortable and energy efficient for today’s residents and future generations.

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