40-180 mm
600X450 mm
165 kg/m³
≥ 1600 kPa
λ value
≤ 0.050 W/(m·K)

    Product type Slabs

    Our cellular glass insulation slabs measure 600 x 450mm. Slabs are used throughout the entire internal and external building envelope. They meet Euroclass A1 test standards, and are easy to handle, cut and trim.

    Grade F

    Offering the highest compressive strength of any FOAMGLAS® product, FOAMGLAS® F is used above or beneath floor slabs, and upon roofs where the compressive loads are high. A typical example would be regular heavy traffic such as trucks and emergency vehicles. It has a thermal conductivity (lambda value) of 0.050 W/(m·K) and a max compressive strength of 1,600 kPa. Compressive strength requirements for any application should always be confirmed with a structural engineer to ensure the correct product specification.