Chilled water systems

Chilled water systemsChilled water pipes

Thermal insulation solutions for chilled water pipes that provide resistance to the formation of condensation assuring the integrity of the pipes over time. Our chilled water insulation systems will limit heat transfer and provide moisture and corrosion resistance and will not burn or produce any smoke or fumes in case of a fire.

Chilled water systems are often used to manage the temperature and humidity levels in large buildings. These lines carry water for air-conditioning cooling and usually operate at temperatures around 2°C (35°F). These are mainly installed within buildings such as office buildings, airports, hospitals, stadiums, campuses, etc. 

Chilled water systems are demanding. Operating between -4°C and + 15°C (25°F and 59°F) for control of heat gain and condensation control, and in high humidity environments, the vapor drive can be relentless. Poor insulation material selection, incorrect installation or damage to the vapor retarding foils can leave the insulation system vulnerable to failure and result in costly problems associated with moisture and poor indoor air quality. Lack of a well-performing insulation system can interfere with limiting heat transfer and could lead to high operating and energy costs.


Chilled water pipes are subject to moisture, which is one of the reasons why closed cell insulation is beneficial. This helps prevent ingress of water or condensation into the insulation which could result in corrosion or the formation of mold.

As these lines are often located inside important and public buildings, the insulation should also be incombustible and should not give off toxic gases or fumes in case of fire. 

FOAMGLAS® insulation answers these requirements while helping ensure the insulation of the pipes. Its constant insulation efficiency can help prevent heat gain, possible dripping due to surface condensation and help limit formation of corrosion of the pipes.


Typical Configuration

for Service Temperatures between -4°C and + 15°C (25°F and 59°F):

  • A single layer system of FOAMGLAS® insulation is generally sufficient for this temperature range.
  • Joints shall be sealed with a PITTSEAL® sealant appropriate for the application.
  • Coating, jacketing or cladding shall be applied for aesthetics or where mechanical protection is required.
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