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The Erzurum Healthcare Complex is the largest medical complex in Eastern Turkey, but it is also at risk of earthquakes. That’s why FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation was chosen for the roof: with its closed cell, vapour tight internal structure, it can withstand high compressive loads, ensuring that the building stands the test of time.

Aymaz Architecture
Hektaş Grup
Flat roof

The Erzurum Healthcare Complex at the center of Erzurum City is the largest medical complex in eastern Turkey. Comprising of five blocks, the 1,600 bed capacity this medical campus is one of the world’s largest seismic isolated hospitals. Structural designs were developed to ensure effective and efficient serviceability after a probable earthquake in Erzurum. An earthquake will have no effect on any critical medical equipment, operation of the building, or its services.

FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation is the ideal specification for the most demanding roof situations. With its closed cell, vapour tight internal structure, and capability to withstand high compressive loads. FOAMGLAS® insulation has proven long term thermal performance. FOAMGLAS® is proven to stand the test of time.

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