Pablo Serrano Museum


The Pablo Serrano museum in Spain recently extended and renovated its existing building and is fast becoming a benchmark for contemporary culture. FOAMGLAS® READY BLOCKS on the façade offer dimensional stability, continuous high insulation throughout the lifetime of the building, as well safety and aesthetics.

José Manuel Pérez Latorre
Building type
Ventilated Rainscreen Cladding

Having extended and renovated its existing building, the IAACC (Instituto Aragonés de Arte y Cultura Contempo - ráneos) Pablo Serrano re-opens its doors and is set to become a benchmark for contemporary culture not just in the Aragon region but on a national and international level. The newly opened museum aims to provide deepening knowledge of the Aragonese sculptor from whom it gets its name.

The Pablo Serrano Museum is located in the old workshops of the Provincial Orphanage, which were refurbished by the architect José Manuel Pérez Latorre, to suit the new role as museum. The interior includes the work of Pablo Serrano combined with temporary exhibitions of contemporary painting and sculpture.

The space of the new building is amazing, with its volume increased from 2 500 m2 to 7 500 m2, it is furthermore enhanced by an unusual fenced area incorporating an external light enclosure which is painted in a special colour that looks like "a precious stone reflecting the sky".

FOAMGLAS® has been chosen because it could ensure dimensional stability and unaltered performance throughout the entire service life of the building.


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