Insulation thickness calculation

Why is it important?

Heat retention, temperature control, condensation prevention, safety, etc. – you are faced with numerous challenges when insulating buildings and industrial structures.

External factors in the workplace – such as high humidity, bad weather, extreme temperatures and fire risk – also influence the insulation design.

  • Which type of insulation is most suitable for your project? 
  • How many layers do you need?
  • Which type of coating/bonding or covering is it best to use? 

These are just a few of a whole series of decisions that you need to make. In short, accurate calculation of the insulation thickness is a must.


How do we calculate?

We offer advanced methods to calculate the optimum insulation thickness for projects in construction and industry. Our online calculation tools stand out from some of the others.

They take account of all relevant parameters, which makes it possible to obtain very accurate results.