Galliker Logistics Center


Het Galliker logistiek centrum vereiste een goed gepland energieconcept voor de productie en koude opslag van bakkerijproducten. FOAMGLAS® cellulair glas werd gekozen voor de isolatie van het dak, de gevel en de vloer omwille van de sterkte, de dimensionele stabiliteit, de duurzaamheid en de consistent hoge thermische isolatiewaarden ervan.

Fent AG, Baungenieure und Gesamtplaner, Seon
Inside Floors Insulation & Compact Roof

The “production and cold storage of bakery products” called for a well-planned energy concept down to the last detail that ultimately necessitated the use of a highly effective insulating material. After all, consideration has to be given to extreme differences in temperature – both inside the building, but also between indoors and outdoors. After thorough evaluation, the decision was taken to use cellular glass in various areas (roof, façade, floor).

With its specific material properties, the FOAMGLAS® safety insulation is the optimum solution to meet even the highest demands. It is characterised by strength, dimensional stability, durability and consistently high thermal insulation values– all points that are crucial for the thermal insulation of a refrigerated logistics centre in the summer. Furthermore, its sustainability and the good long-term experience were crucial factors for the choice of the FOAMGLAS® insulation.

The high-bay refrigerated warehouse has a trafficable flat roof. The covered parking spaces are exemplarily equipped with solar panels. The differences in temperature, from – 28°C indoors to around 50°C surface temperature outdoors make high demands on the construction and insulation. The ceiling construction has to withstand this delta of approx. 78°C both constructively and thermally without damage.

In terms of civil engineering physics, we have a classic reverse situation here: The vapour diffusion is from the outside to the inside. FOAMGLAS® cellular glass with its millions of hermetically sealed glass cells is a non-hygroscopic, absolutely water and vapour-tight and moisture-resistant insulating material. Its cellular structure makes it a natural vapour barrier.

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