Above ambient storage tank bases

Above ambient storage tank basesFoamglas tank base

Thermal insulation tank base solutions for tanks operating at above ambient temperatures. Our tank base systems provide adequate compressive strength to support the tank and its contents as well as limit heat transfer and provide mechanical, moisture and corrosion resistance so that process control is assured and energy costs are kept at a minimum.

Storage tanks are used to hold a variety of organic liquids or gases including raw materials, intermediates, final products or, usable byproducts. Although mainly used in the oil and gas industry, other industries often rely on upright storage tanks to temporarily store liquids. (eg food and fertilizer industry) 

Tanks can vary in design and the properties of the products being stored determine the storage temperature and if additional heating is necessary to maintain a certain temperature inside. In the case of heated storage tanks, this often has to do with preserving the quality of the stored product and preventing the solidification of the hot liquid.

Without a reliable insulation system, storage tanks can lose energy, money, and put employees at risk. The growing worldwide demand for chemical products along with their proper storage and handling, makes energy efficiency and safety of storage tanks even more important. 

Save energy, lower operating costs, and improve overall safety by just adding a tank base insulation system to your heated storage tanks

A great way to save energy, lower maintenance costs, and improve worker safety around hot storage tanks is by installing an insulation system on the base. With hot storage tanks, tank walls and roofs are often viewed as the largest sources of energy loss; however, unless the tank is filled, the biggest source of energy loss is the bottom of the hot storage tank. This is because the hot liquid in the tank will be in 100% contact with the base. The base in this case becomes the most susceptible area for heat transfer and energy loss.  It is imperative, therefore, to have a good thermal insulation system installed at the tank base to reduce these losses.

A FOAMGLAS® tank base insulation system will help prevent energy losses and help ensure tanks are operating in the most efficient way. The total payback period of the investment in a FOAMGLAS® tank base insulation system, will range from months to just a couple of years depending on the storage temperature of the contained liquid.


Our systems provide

a wide range of benefits for your hot storage tanks

Our high load bearing tank base system, can deliver a high compressive strength without any compression.  These systems provide adequate compressive strength suited for your tank design. Insufficient compressive strength in high-load-bearing situations can lead to settlement and loss of thermal performance. This in turn may result in viscosity increase or product solidification or even catastrophic failure of the tank.

Our insulation systems also protect the structural concrete base material against high temperatures, which means that the reinforced concrete foundation is protected from exposure to temperatures which might lead to structural failure in the foundation.

The impermeable closed cell nature of FOAMGLAS® insulation helps prevent ingress of moisture and possible corrosion under insulation (CUI) dangers that could accelerate the deterioration of your storage tanks.  

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Solutions for existing tanks

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Dedicated tank base insulation systems can easily be installed during scheduled tank maintenance programs when the tank is emptied to inspect the metal tank bottom and possible metallurgic repairs are being done.

This can be done by lifting the tank and positioning it on jacks. This gives the opportunity to install a tank base insulation system onto the concrete deck before the tank is lowered again.

Another possibility is to install the insulation directly onto the metal base inside the tank and weld a new metal bottom onto the newly installed insulation system.

Typical Configuration

for tanks operating at above ambient temperatures:

  • Single layer system of high load bearing (HLB) FOAMGLAS® insulation
  • Layer of sand, oil-sand mix or sand asphalt mix as levelling and pressure distribution layer

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