Animal Biotechnology Centre


The Animal Biotechnology Centre (CBA) is a striking building in the newly created Science Park near the University of Basque Country. FOAMGLAS® cellular glass was used on the compact concrete roof because it is light, compression resistant and offers permanent insulation without thermal bridges.

Ander Marquet Ryan / JAAM sociedad de arquitectura slp
Compact Roof with Service

Animal Biotechnology Center (CBA) is located in the newly created Science Park near the University of the Basque Country in Leioa and is a laboratory building for research in life sciences and biomedicine.

Structure was conceived in order to obtain interior flexibility and to allow modifications to distribution according to the needs that may arise over time. The creation of large steel frames brought the character and identity to the volume, breaking its monotony with a play of light and shadows and released plants allowing the desired flexibility. A metal bridge-like structure eliminates interior pillars, obtaining diaphanous and flexible spaces.

Cellular glass insulation has been applied on the compact concrete roof structure in order to guarantee light, compression resistance and a continuous insulation without thermal bridges.

FOAMGLAS® solution

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