Le Palais de Glace

St. Petersbourg

Le Palais de Glace est un centre de sports et de loisirs faisant partie de la station de ski d'Igora située dans le proche voisinage de Saint-Pétersbourg. La toiture à faible pente souvent recouverte de neige a été isolée avec le système compact FOAMGLAS®. L’isolant a été choisi pour sa résistance à la compression et sa protection thermique continue malgré les conditions extrêmes.

Popov V.V.
Metal Standing Seam Roof

The Ice Palace is a sports and entertainment center of the "Igora" ski resort com plex. It is located just 50 km from St. Petersburg, in the highest point of the region. Igora, a modern ski resort which has beautifully combined all the elements of infrastructure and recreation to the highest of European standards, is a very popular destination for Russians and foreign tourists. It is fast becoming one of the biggest resorts in Europe. It offers stylish hotels and cottages, challenging ski slopes, snowboarding and traditional curling alongside a SPA complex, swimming pools, numerous restaurants and bars.

The Ice Palace itself is an arena with a capacity for up to 500 people. It features an ice rink, a cinema, conference hall, billiard hall and a bowling alley. The complex also has stunning panoramic restaurant and bar. Because of the complex building physics, a FOAMGLAS® compact roof was chosen by the architect as the ideal solution for the low pitched roof which is often covered by snow. FOAMGLAS® has been installed on a sloped steel deck and finished with copper standing seam sheets.

FOAMGLAS® was used in the design due to its high compressive strength and its ability to achieve continuous thermal protection in a difficult environment. It is really a high performance system which meets all the required standards even under arduous internal and external conditions.

Solution FOAMGLAS®

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