60-200 mm
600x450 mm
100 kg/m³
≥ 500 kPa
λ value
≤ 0,036 W/(m·K)

    Product type Tapered Slab, READY BLOCK and ROOF BLOCK

    Using the original Architect's CAD drawings, the FOAMGLAS® tapered insulation schemes are individually calculated and prepared for the specific building application such as roof or floor. This process ensures the correct drainage is achieved. The insulation is specifically factory machined and numbered to suit its relative position within the designed tapered insulation scheme.

    Grade T3+

    Provides all of the benefits of FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation - long lasting thermal performance, excellent compressive strength and non-combustibility. T3+ is extremely popular for applications upon walls, soffits and roofs. With a thermal conductivity (lambda value) of 0.036 W/(m·K). FOAMGLAS® T3+ is available in thicknesses from 50 mm to 200 mm.

    Compressive strength requirements for any application should always be confirmed with a structural engineer to ensure the correct product specification.