FOAMGLAS Ready Tapered - 2019


READY BLOCK TAPERED ROOF SYSTEM, cut-to-falls insulation system:
- flat roofs (cold bonding on concrete using PC® 500)
- metal and special roofs
- belowgrade floors and walls
- interior insulation for floors
Insulation system allowing for direct torch-on of waterproofing sheets.

Product type Tapered Slab, READY BLOCK and ROOF BLOCK

Using the original Architect's CAD drawings, the FOAMGLAS® tapered insulation schemes are individually calculated and prepared for the specific building application such as roof or floor. This process ensures the correct drainage is achieved. The insulation is specifically factory machined and numbered to suit its relative position within the designed tapered insulation scheme.

Grade S3

With a thermal conductivity (lambda value) of 0.045 W/(m·K) and a max compressive strength of 900 kPa, FOAMGLAS® S3 is the insulation of choice for floors and roofs with a load-bearing capacity suitable for mid-sized vehicles and maintenance machines. Compressive strength requirements for any application should always be confirmed with a structural engineer to ensure the correct product specification.