Insulation and drainage system in 1

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FOAMGLAS® TAPERED is a high-quality insulation and drainage system in 1. This system is made for surfaces where the water cannot stay on a specific place and needs insulation at the same time and that can stand heavy loads. Next to that, it has all the benefits of a generic FOAMGLAS® insulation slab.

Is it for you?

We are here for everyone who needs a perfect quality sloped surface for all kind of use that will never be reduced in quality.


  • You get all the generic FOAMGLAS® insulation benefits: non-flammable, can withstand high pressure, not permeable to water, nor permeable to water vapor, not attackable by fungi and vermin
  • You get a perfectly inclined concrete
  • You get an excellent and fast service: technical guidance, efficient installation plan
  • You get an easy-to-install product: due to the installation plan with images, and the light material is easy to saw

Applications with FOAMGLAS® TAPERED