Save time and the environment

The HERO is among us: the new, simple and genius way to pack FOAMGLAS® T3+ slabs that saves both time and the environment.

What is our concept

In our Hero Packing the slabs are packed per pallet instead of in individual packs. This results in a 55% decrease in the use of single-use plastic packaging material which reduces the waste on the jobside conciderably.  It’s beneficial to you and our planet!

With the environment in mind, we made a conscious decision not to brand the wrapping foil so that it’s easier to recycle.

Less unpacking time

But it is not just the environmental impact that makes our new way of packaging so great. With the HERO Packing there is no longer need to unwrap every pack individually, so the unwrapping takes 70% less time on the jobsite.

To save time and the environment at the same time – choose the HERO Packing. Available for FOAMGLAS® T3+ 60x45 slabs

hero packing

individual packs