Energy surveys

With an Energy Survey from our Technical Services Team, you can detect system deterioration, equipment failure, and potential safety hazards, so that you can take action before a problem occurs. 

Our engineers will talk with your staff to understand your issues, define priorities, and establish what you want from your Energy Survey. 
We will review design drawings and blueprints, and develop a time-efficient method of conducting the survey.

We’ll also review your insulation specifications, installation methods and service life to determine recommendations to improve your facility.


Your customized report will show the energy savings that can be achieved using FOAMGLAS® Insulation. Infrared imaging, heat flow measurements, and visual observations will come together to produce your energy survey report.  Included in this report are:

  • Infrared images
  • Heat flow measurement results
  • Computer calculations
  • A summary of observations
  • Recommended corrections